My colon and liver cleanse diary


The pain, while intense was fleeting and left me with greatly improved quality of life.

I just want to sleep

I just want to sleep

I, by no means intend to scare you away from completing this protocol. I felt it was my responsibility to let you know what you may face. This diary is my experience and may not be yours.

However, undertaking a liver cleanse and colon cleanse is the best thing I ever did. The pain only lasted for a few hours a couple of times. If you have decided that you will do anything to get your life back and get rid of the pain then you will make it through this. Continue reading

The easiest way I have found to cook fish and it really is delicious

Trout is so easy to cook

Trout is so easy to cook

I have recently been consuming a lot more fatty fish, ie fish high in Omega 3. This is a nutrient we (people with fibro) really need. I used to love salmon but who can afford $15 a pound. My grocery carries Steelhead trout. This is another fish high in Omega 3. The added benefits are, it has no perceptible bones, it tastes great and it is half the cost of salmon. I am buying almost a pound a week just for myself and at $8lb I can easily afford it.

The other good news, it is really easy to prepare and can be on the table in less than 15 minutes. I no longer dread the thought of having to cook fish.

An updated version of classic chicken soup


Lemon chicken soup that is thick like stew

Lemon chicken soup that is thick like stew

I have been working on this lemon chicken soup recipe for a couple of months, getting it perfect, or what I consider perfect. It has just the right amount of lemon, garlic, onion and tarragon. The lemon does not make it sour, it actually lends a bit of sweetness to this soup. Yeah, I was surprised too. Continue reading

I bet you did not know this!

Unseen toxins

Do you care now?

Well I am constantly surprised at the number of ways that toxins/contaminants intrude on our lives. Most are used by choice, here are more that you probably did not know.

Here is a list of facts on toxins;

  • Aluminum is a heavy metal that our bodies do not need. Some sources for aluminum exposure are; most commercial deodorants contain aluminum, aluminum cookware, foil, antacids and some buffered pain relievers, to name a few. Go here to find out why that is bad. You cannot avoid all exposure as aluminum is in our soil but you can certainly lower your risks.
  • Fluoride was touted as an amazing dental miracle at first. It’s addition to drinking water became official policy in 1951 and by 2006 nearly 70% of U.S. public water systems contained added fluoride. The bad news is, fluoride has been proven not to reduce tooth decay and is in fact a dangerous toxin. Please read this if you still believe that fluoride is a good thing. Please note point 27 which states fluoride causes arthritic symptoms.
  • Teflon was another “miracle” product that turned out to be extremely dangerous. If you still use Teflon pans please throw them out today. You will be happy to do so when you read this article. Along with well seasoned cast iron, enamel and ceramic coated pans are excellent choices when non-stick is required. Teflon can also be found in waterproof and stain-resistant clothing and furniture, self cleaning ovens, microwave popcorn bags, pizza boxes and more.

    Microwave and popcorn

    Microwave and popcorn a very dangerous combination

  • Do you microwave any of your food and beverages? If you do, you better read these articles, The hidden hazards and Microwaves are bad for you. I do not own a microwave anymore as the risks are not worth the “convenience”.
  • Do you filter your tap and shower water? While drinking water reports are made available to the public on a regular basis and most water lists its contents and declares the particulars to be under a certain level making it safe to drink. How much chlorine bleach is safe to drink. Personally, I don’t want to drink any. Plus when it is present in your water and you shower in it, it can be particularly dangerous.
  • Are you a die-hard hand sanitizer user? Did you know the use of these products has the reverse effect and makes bacteria more resistant, among other frightening facts? Please read here  and here and stop using them today. My mom used to bring wet washcloths with soap in a plastic bag to all outings.
  • Do you still dry clean clothes, linens, draperies or other textiles? This is by far one of the worst offenders, in that it uses chemicals and the plastic bags that dry cleaned items are sent home in, are all pretty dangerous. I have not dry cleaned, nor purchased anything that needed to be dry cleaned in years. There was recently a  20 20 report done about how many items labeled dry clean only that do not need to be dry cleaned.
    dry cleaning

    Dry cleaning covered with a plastic bag

    Clothing made from cotton or polyester (which I do not recommend either) can be washed in a washer. Rayon and silk  should be washed by hand and many should not be put in a hot dryer. Things that are embellished (sequins, beads), made from different fabrics such as lined items, most leather and suede and items that have colors that may bleed into another color cannot be washed. When in doubt…google it.

  • Cosmetics, personal care items, household cleaning products, home use pesticides and fertilizers, air fresheners, tobacco and plastic food storage containers all contribute to  toxic exposure that affects our health and environment.

Continue reading

Are the few moments of pleasure worth the hours of pain?

Ask yourself,                                                                                                                                     are the few moments of pleasure worth the hours of pain?

Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob

I recently saw an ad on TV for, well I don’t remember what it was for, but I do remember seeing an ear of fresh corn. It was cooked on the grill and covered with butter. I love corn on the  cob. It was my favorite summer food. I say was because I no longer eat it. Why? Because the few moments of pleasure is not worth the hours of pain that consuming it brings. Y Continue reading

You are responsible for doing whatever it takes!

Are you doing whatever it takes?

whatever it takes, no excuses

Do whatever it takes with no excuses

I thought that if I offered people with fibromyalgia a solution to their pain that they would immediately jump on board. Unfortunately, that has not proven true. I am really quite disappointed in the lackluster performance and popularity of this blog. Most of the people that visit, Continue reading